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Do kills in Onslaught count for this? thanks


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No, they have to be players. Kills in Onslaught don't even count towards you stars for weapons.

kills in onslaught count for nothing.

Thanks,I almost got all gold on Nam, that will be the last online one to get, stupid achievement i think ive only got one so far, and i hate recon class

What makes me a good Demon man? If I were a bad Demon Man I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you!

i would try to do this in a Rush game, you can C4 the MCOM when attacking, and place C4 Near but not on the Mcom when defending. Also you can use a CG rocket to shoot at the buildings. It's really not a hard achievement to get you just got blow up buildings when the enemy is in them. Also the UAV can be used. The best maps for this are the ones were the Mcom are in a building that collapses.

Thanks for the tips, i was thinking maybe just blowing the crap out of buildings with tanks, Im doing the snipers now on Nam its sucks i had to dumb my brain down to find lame camping spots lol i forget i need spec to... any one got any spare Doctor pepper codes or what ever thanks or i have to buy this bs

Sniper towers in Vietnam (like the ones at the first attackers base on Phu Bai) can be easily destroyed and will count towards the 2.0 kills.

Yeah,them things are made of paper i think!you sneeze and they fall over!

I use motars alot. 250 plus 2.0 kills so far