Demolition Derby

A freind of mine & me had an idea, surely many of you GTA IV players know what a demolition derby or "stock car challenge" is... f.e in GTA Vice city you were able to play them against bots. 

So we thought perhaps some of you people would like to take part at it. we wanted to play it in the big arena near the airport, everyone gets a car and drives in. we gonna count to 3 and then it begins. no weapons just craashing with the cars. the last driving car wins, whos car broke lot. if you wuld like to take part just add me or "The Crazy ***" 

it would be really fun with 6-10 people, and i'd be happy as you join us :9 just send me a friend request and a message saying that u want to take part. thanks for your attention :)

- fLx 


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I can't tell you but I would have to show you, I think there is a mini arena in the game, I've got into a game before with people doing it at this spot! But I'll join in on it!

Residents of New York would know the location, I just Googled :). You want "the abandoned/old world's fair monuments. They are located near the airport and are three pretty tall towers. You can climb up a ladder that will take you to the top. This used to be the location of the old World's Fair, and that structure is the Parachute Jump/Dive or somethign like that. The actual landmark also exists in New York near Flushing.

i'd like to join and so would some of my freinds

im keen

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