Demo not until release date?

Any one else find this kind of weird? Any game I've wanted to play that has a demo usually released it early to get more people interested in the game :-\ 


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It's a 3 day demo ends tonight the game releases tomorrow for us. I imagine you are in the uk. I don't know if a unified international release is tied to pre-orders or not but there is not even a midnight release for my local gamestop. Could be to just to make sure servers don't get overwhelmed. Plus it's a us based company it makes sense they release first over here than giving the uk a head start.

No I'm in the US. Only demo I have seen mentioned is if you preorder with a special membership to one specific shop. There is no publicly accessible one for all fans.

It's a bonus for being a member with gamestop's power up reward, in the uk game, ms store probabaly had something but its  not an open beta it's a demo.

I think he ment the actual demo not the Overrun demo. Gears 3 has one. Its the beginning of act 2 right as you get shipwrecked. I don't think they really needed the demo before release because they knew they were going to make money either way. It would be nice if they did have an early demo that's not only promoted by one retailer.

Ahh they don't really need to get more people to buy the game. They already have their fans a demo won't really sell that many more copies at this point. 4th installment to the series their install base already exists.

demos have proven to cost companies sales