Demo Full Of Graphical Glitches

I have watched many BF3 trailers and thought it was a potential purchase. Having spent at least 10 hours on the demo, I think a purchase is unlikely. There are so many graphical glitches it is unbelievable. When you get shot, and you see the killer, quite often the camera goes underground or shows a black rectangle. I played one game where one of my teammates was constantly followed by a giant blue and white "fence". I think I won't be buying.


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what DEMO?

cool, there is a demo?? must be very exclusive.

Cool story bro..

This HAS to be a joke.... Right??.. ow plz let it be a joke... cant imagine that....nooooooo.. hell no!... Its a joke.







This was so last week...

Everyone above me is Jelly ^^

It will be fixed in the retail version, thats what a beta is for.

Have a look around these forums Lloydy 25,Should be fixed in final version.Don't miss out.

Every single one of those things have been specifically confirmed fixed for the final version. You should read before you type.