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I know that games rarely live up to their hype, but I really expected more out of this. The demo really came across as a graphically better version of Mortal Kombat Vs DC, but without the MK characters. Unlike the IGN videos I saw, there weren't any prompts onscreen to let you know what the combos are. I don't know if that is a feature limited to the S.T.A.R. Labs fights or not. However, you can get a list of available combos by pressing Start. Not that it matters, since all of the attacks really looked the same to me.

The triggers did nothing, and the only bumper that worked (LB) simply grabbed your opponent. No matter what button I pushed afterwards, the throw was identical to the others. The B button only serves as an equip/disarm feature, which means all you can do is kick, punch, and hit high by using the other buttons. But on the plus side, the simplicity eliminates the need to get an expensive fight stick.I point this out because in so many super-hero based games, one of the triggers activates your super powers. Not that Wonder Woman has a ton of them, but I'd have liked to at least let her fly once or twice, just to check it out.

Despite the lack of moves, I blew through the demo in just a few minutes. I expected to die a few times, but it never happened. With the exception of Dooms Day, all of the opponents even hit me with their Rage abilities (something I never got to try). This is despite my right thumb handicap as well. I broke it a few years back, and it didn't set right. I only mention this because I want to put into perspective that I wasn't in great pain when I finished, even though this cold, damp Chicago weather would have made me want to scream if I had played any other fighter after the same amount of time.

And for the record, I am not a fight game fan. I do not own a fight stick, I hate the concept of combo moves, and I did play this on Normal. If I sound jaded against the game, it's only because I honestly thought this would be one of the few fighters out there that I would enjoy. Maybe once it comes down to $20, I'll have a higher satisfaction level with it. As it is, I just can't see me feeling satisfied with it after spending $60, even if the S.T.A.R. Labs levels are as good as the IGN videos made them appear to be.


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I was disappointed as well. It just seems like something was missing.. gameplay seemed bland and i don't think the music did the demo justice either. The sound effects seemed boring and lacked the "oomph!" that MK9 had. I don't think i will be purchasing this game until its down to $19.99 .  Then again this may have been a very slim downed version because it was only around 400+ MB .  

My Injustice demo is 459.32 MB. But guys please keep in mind that this was just a quck demo that they got out. Of course they are going to leave stuff out until the full retail version hits.

I retract my review. Waited till all was quiet and sat down with my turtle beach headset... the game is actually pretty awesome. I noticed you could only access a/v settings in the options and of course, gameplay was limited due to the fact it was a demo. I think it will actually be pretty good. Will have to see when full release hits.


RT has plenty of uses

-expends your meter to enhance you special movies. 1 bar needed

-Adds armor to your pop up attack/knockback attack. 2 bars needed

-extends combos by canceling moves into either a pop up (>>+RT) or knockback (<<+RT). 2 bars needed. I think.

-RT+LT initiates your super move. Full bar needed.


>+LB throws people forward. <+LB throws people behind you.


Wonderwoman can fly just fine. She even has an air dash.


RB is for stage interactions. Ex. Wonderwoman can pick up the Bat Signal and throw it at someone. Batman can turn the fire hydrant on.


I think the demo was well put together. I'm not as excited as I was for the game but I think it has to do with not being able to sit down with my favorite superhero. Once I get to check out the hooded archer I'm sure the excitement will return.

Played the story for a good 2 hours and got bored because all the fighters had the similar special move input. The combos are a few and your limited to what you can do. It's ok but not amazing fighter.

You can chain plenty of combos and special moves together. I was able to do that after a few minutes of fooling around with Wonderwoman. It plays exactly like Mortal Kombat 9 does except you can interact with the stage now.

Who said few combo's? This game will have tons when it releases. Here's a sample of what's to come from Tyler [View:]

One of the stupidest game I saw up to date, on U3 engine, even the Infinity Blade on iPhone is better..

[quote user="pikysek"]

One of the stupidest game I saw up to date, on U3 engine, even the Infinity Blade on iPhone is better..


What did you not like about it? Can you clarify? It sounds like you just didn't like the graphics, which I thought looked real polished for the models and stages.

I saw the Batgirl / Joker video the other day. Maybe I will grab it when the Game of the Year edition hits $20. I guess I shouldn't complain about it being too easy. I  do have a bad thumb, and I was able to get through 3 whole fights in a row without ending up in any real pain.