Delta Force LTD - Reopened, Recruiting Police Clan. GTA IV/V and other games.

Delta Force LTD is recruiting members to join our experience and committed clan which has an increasing amount of opportunities available. 

What is Delta Force?
Delta Force is a police role play clan based on GTA IV TBoGT.  We also created clan events on other games such as FIFA 13/14, Forza, GTA V, COD and other games.

Main activities within Delta Force:

As a police role play clan members can undertake the following training: 

Control Training (Compulsory from Sergeant)
Basic Member Training (Compulsory from joining)
Advanced Member Training (Compulsory from Sergeant)
Crook Training
Crook Driver Training
Police Advanced Driver Training
Air Support Training
Firearms Training
Emergency Medical Training
Prisoner Transport Training

A Patrol is held within a Team DeathMatch. We separate the teams to cops and crooks.

What are members guaranteed?
Delta Force takes equality seriously. Any gamer whom is interested will be given a chance. Our training Is there to ensure that you succeed. The only effort required is yours. As a Delta Force Member, you are guaranteed the freedom to request events and produce social or patrol events.You has the opportunity to be promoted up the rank structure and therefore undertake leadership responsibilities.

Rank and Leadership:
Within Delta Force, there is a huge amount of work and responsibility which is required to be carried out. As always, each ranking officer is required to maintain discipline however other duties includes: Recruitment, Training, Event management. Administration Management and the running of the day to day. As a result, members within Delta Force as they progress up the rank structure will become more involved in the running of Delta Force.  

If you have any questions please contact one of the following gamertags: 
Commissioner To Be Revealed
Deputy Commissioner XP Nation
Constable lXnath4nXl

Or our clan gamertag: DeltaForceLTD


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