Delta Force Clan. Recruiting for GTA TBoGT- Crooks/Control/Local Police/Air Support/Police Interceptors division

Delta Force is a police role play clan who are enthusiastic and motivated to keep the crime of the streets of liberty city. 

We have the following divisions:

Local Police Division: This division is the first step for all new officers of the Delta Force. You will go through training to understand the radio communications within the clan and how we go about operational activities such as pursuits and traffic stops. You will have the opportunity to undertake other training such as Motorcycle Response Officer and Prisoner Transport Officer.

Air Support Division: For members wanting to become involved in Air Support. You will be allowed to undertake ASD training. You will be taught our landing, Take off and flying procedures within the clan. You will be additionally be gaining experience and training in Pursuing suspects in different environments and situations. As part of the ASD you will be required to participate in a rota regarding when you are required to attend a patrol as a Air Support officer or an Standby ASU officer.

Control Division: As a control officer, you will be required to have good clear communication skills and exceptional organisational skills to ensure that you control officers when in a patrol. As a Control Officer, you are INCHARGE of the patrol in terms of what officer is dispatched or how many are dispatched. You have the authority to unauthorized pursuits or traffic stops which are in progress and you have the authority to stand any officer down from any incident if you feel necessary to do so. There is a
Control Officer and Assistant Control Officer. You will be part of a rota. When you are not on control you can continue duties as a Local Police Officer or ASD Officer IF you are trained. Control divisional Commander and his officers will be involved in the updating of the control database to ensure it fulfil the needs of the clan and to make it easier for you.

Police Interceptors: The Fastest and most skilled drivers in this clan. To get into this division the candidate must show they are a good driver and can carry out basic pursuit and traffic stops procedures.You will be tested on their driver skills. You will be Trained in driver and Pursuit Management.

Crooks Division: As a Crook, you will firstly have to have previous experience as a police officer. To get into this division, you will be required to produce a incident at the request of Commissioner/ Divisional Commander to demonstrate your improvisation, organisational, drama skills. Now when I say drama, I mean your voice. As a crook, you are required to be as dramatic as possible and make it as realistic as possible to ensure that officers have to use their skills to persuade you to go to safety etc. Once you have successfully completed your entrance requirement, you will go through training to understand different and the variety of scenarios which can be done. You will be part of a rota system to be a crook. ONLY PEOPLE IN THIS DIVISION WILL BE CROOKS.

So, if you have any questions please contact PM me. Or register at:
Thanks for your time.

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