Delivery Request Problem.

Hey I did all 8 Delivery Request and I am stuck at 66%. Anyone know why this could be.


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You must not have successfully turned one in would be my guess. Your percentile indicates one area has not been completed. I also do believe there was originally a North Boston mission, not sure if the recent patch had placed it or not.

I am glad I am not the only one having this problem.

I have turned in all of my delivery request quests and it says mine is at 0 percent complete.

It is blocking me from getting the 100 % synch achievement.

The icons don't even show up on the map any more so I cant go back and re-talk to the quest givers to see if that will update them.

How many have you completed? I know you say "all" but I thought this at one time as well, but infact there were several I had not because they had not popped up on my map. There is 3 in New York and Frontier, and 2 in Boston.

If you deliver all the items you will get $1000

Anyone have any link to maps showing the start points for all of them?

Did you try crafting items ?

I did 8. there is only 8 so there for I did them all. I passed them all in and got the money for doing them. It even shows in my DNA that they are done it just stuck saying 66%.