Deleting old friends

Do you ever feel a little bad deleting someone from your friends list?  Sometimes I do...but after 2-5 years of them just existing on my list with no common games or no interaction, shouldn't you just delete them?  Still...why does it feel funny?  :p


I just deleted someone after not really playing anything with them in 2-3 years and they immediately sent me a FR request with a "Why did you remove me!?" message. awkward. : /


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Well I'm holding out for Rainbow Six Patriots because I think a lot of my inactive friends will become active again.  Well, it's a theory.  

I deleted my cousin from my friends list because his xbox broke and he hopped on that PS3 bandwagon of which I will probably do during the fall to catch up on exclusives. Other than that my xbox will be purely for multiplayer gaming because it is much more fun playing multiplayer on xbox than ps3 especially because of the party chat. You shouldn't feel bad about deleting people hell sometimes they aren't even there. In some cases people just want to have a quantity of friends but don't really appreciate the quality of the ones they already have.

It happens. People that haven't been on forever, I usually delete. My friend list always makes it to the 100 mark. You meet new people on games, no room, so you start deleting.

Some people grow apart a bit. People have different gaming interests. Was really easy to stay in touch with friends on the Original Xbox days because everyone played Halo 2. Even if you didn't like Halo lol.

With so many different games on the 360, it definitely can cause distance. I have some friends I haven't played or talked too very much at all in 2-3 years but I wouldn't delete them because things can change and I still remember all the times we did play.. most friends who I know for awhile we are able to communicate besides on Xbox so it's okay : )

I have space on my friend's list so I don't really need to delete anyone. However, I will delete people who don't follow the CoC and ToU though, in a heart-beat. I prefer a kosher environment when playing video games.

I delete people if they have not been one for more than about 6-7 days, People i have known for years i would only keep if i still spoke to them. not much point having them with no communication aye?

No I don't.  There's a couple I wouldn't seek to remove because I've known them a long time but quite often you have to remove people.  There are other social sites that you can keep a more full friends list on.  

It's not that hard. It's not like you actually know most of them, right?

......Or you can make a other account to keep other friends there, So you will have 200 friends

I just don't see the point of having 100 friends anyway. My friend's list has never gone above 30. I'd rather keep a small friends list filled with people I'll actually play with then having a large amount of friends that I don't even talk to...

It's a good theory : D

Hope it's great so they come back!

I had one friend who came back after 5 years of being inactive!