Delete: Re-Roll Much Better Now

Well I fell into some pit high in the mountains and there was no way out. My previouse save was about an hour before that. But I was not happy with my current character anyhow. I was trying to play as strictly a Nord magic caster and was getting beat down left and right Took me almost 30hrs just to get to lvl 15. I re-rolled as a Nord warrior and it is more fun now. The magic caster was fun, but also too frustrating trying to wear primarily light armor for magic buffs. Now I am more like a Palidan and can take alot more damage in a fight.

So has anyone else re-rolled because of frustration at some point?


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could of just fast traveled to get unstuck from the rock. ive been playing a duel wielder the entire game so far, and has been great fun. shouts are basically my magic.

No I fell into an instance pit and there was no exit that I could find anywhere. It may have opened if I killed the last 2 creatures but they were too powerful for me. Like you I am now playing as more of a warrior and wielding a Mace and firebolt with heavy armor. Much easier to survive a mob now and more fun too, reminds me of the first time I played Death Night on WOW.

New in Skyrim, an Auto Save that Updates every 5 minutes (or whatever you pick). Set it under your Settings/ Options. This has "saved" a few occasions in which I forgot to Manually Save in a long while..

Cool thanks

A lot of people I know have already started new characters and I'm just like WTF? I'm not anywhere NEAR done with my first.