I think its because GTA5 is doing so well, they want to give it time to cool off.


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Not overly bothered if I'm honest, I had it pre-ordered for the XB1 but I was 50/50 over whether I should cancel it or not. I think they made the right decision though as by the time it does come out a lot of people will have moved on from GTA.

I was planning on playing Watch Dogs on Day One Launch :( guess ill have to wait :) ill play Assassins Creed etc

This was totally my first choice for a launch game, and now I can't decide between COD or AC. I know I will get more value out of AC but COD has split screen and more multiplyer fun...

Too bad it's been delayed.  I saw the 14 minute gameplay clip on youtube and thought, WOW, maybe I won't wait until Christmas to open the Xbox One.  Then I heard release was pushed off until March 2014?  Oh, excuse me...June 30th, 2014. 

Cant wait for this one.

Damn it!  I wanted this too, I bought Black Flag an it sucks! an my Hard Copy of BF4 is late!! I guess I will have to try RYSE!

I didn't want to get any spoilers about xbox one so I stayed away from the info an threads pertaining to it or any games.. Now I wish I hadn't because I had absolutely no idea ALL games were available as a DLC..