Degeneration-**** error

I created a custom tag team and switched all of the entrance loadouts to perfectly match the DX entrance including the video. Now for whatever reason rather than showing the entrance, it just shows the entrance video and none of the motions. The only way I could have it similar was if I used the "Millionaire" entrance video with the green color and then delete the custom video. From what I hear this glitch/error has been around since the games release. Any ideas on when this might get fixed?


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Not sure when or even if, but it is a known issue. If you use any video besides the DX video, it blocks the whole entrance. The DX video has some blank spots in it to see the entrance through the video, unlike earlier games where the entrance would fade the video in and out.

They didnt fix it cause they didnt consider it a glitch, nothing was ever really said about it by THQ.. and after that final Patch im pretty sure you can just hang that one up

Well that sucks. I feel like I'm watching an intro on WWF SmackDown! 2: Know your role on my Playstation 1 except with better graphics.