Defensive Tackles not on the field

I have a problem with my defensive tackles not showing up during games quite often. It's an odd formation where my DTs get subbed out and my ends move inside and my OLBs move in as Ends. I've tried different play books and tried different settings in the franchise but it keeps happening. How can I stop this? My tackles rarely see the field.


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what playbook are you using?  It sounds like your using the 1-5-5 formation.  Are you using the full playbook or the feature where the computer helps you?

I have tried all the playbooks. I use GameFlow, but the problem pops up regardless of what I use. Even if I pick a 3-4 play.

You have to sub-in your defensive tackles in those sets and take out your defensive ends...The Dallas Cowboys playbook has sets where they take the DT's off of the field, and I just sub them in...

i dont sub at all too confusing sometimes im not that technical when it comes to that