Defending online?

Does anyone know how the defending will work in online games.

Will players be able to use both methods, will the host be able to choose or will EA set it so that only the new way works?

Dont want to spend time learning the new button B method if i can still use A online.


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EA confirmed that it will only be tactical defending online! (New Method)

Which is absolute horse manure.

Oh wow. I don't get why they would do that when its pretty clear that nearly everyone prefers legacy to tactical defending.

I like most people hated tactical defending to start with. But since I have persisted with it, I am now timing tackles really well. It's the same as anything in life. Practice makes perfect.

I struggled at first, but then played around with the controls a bit and seem to have found a setup that suits me.

I normally use the 'alternative' control method so X = shoot / team mate press for me in FIFA 11.

For this one I have programmed A = standing tackle, X = team mate contain (change to B if you are used to classic), RB = contain.

Give it a try and see how it goes! I'm enjoying the game a lot more since I changed these controls!

I have changed the controls to this exact layout (I too use to the old Pro Evo alternate layout).

The only issue i may have is with button A. At the moment i can button mash "A"  in goal mouth scambles, as it's currently press/close down attackers, or pass. Now it will be standing stackle or pass. I may well give away pens until i get used to it.