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Hello gamers. I am here to announce that a new clan has approached our shores on xbox. This clan is called Defcon Gaming or DG for short. Defcon Gaming isnt your everyday gaming community. People will tell you what to do but u also have freedom within this community. For example, lets say you join a division and that divisions game is Modern Warfare. This does not meen you have to play this game always. It meens this is where the division is stationed. You could go into a halo lobby and have a meeting in there even if your divisions game is not halo. Defcon Gaming is not here to destroy the life of gaming. Its here to stop other clans from doing so. Our community has men and women of honor and peace. Not rage and destruction. Join us today.

Contact EG REAPER911, Fakiie Kyler, Fakiie H3adSh0t, or SpookTheUndying to join.

If you are reading this on monday then don't contact EG REAPER911 contact Fakiie Chris. This will be my new gamertag.

Thank you.


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ill Message u ....

Ok go into the website as well and sign up. Ill tell them to accept you.