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I've been told in South Korea it is against the law to play video games after midnight.

This sounds radical, but gimme a second to explain.  I'm on the West Coast.  I get on really late.  If I get online really late, it is actually morning in some places.  I play games with anyone that's not a ninja looter griefer left handed eskimo.  Ok, maybe I'll XBox with an eskimo, but I never met a left handed one, so idk.  Anyhow....I've been playing 2am West Coast time, and this other dude asked the group, "WHAT ARE YA'LL STILL DOING UP!  GO TO BED!"  And it just dawns on me...they might have school in the morning.  This is bad.  People should not push back there responsibilities and commitments because of a game.  Even a good game.  But kids don't think rationally = hence, kids.  Not their fault.  So....idea.....make a default setting in the XBox 360 to ask for parent's password if the XBox is operating past 11 pm.  This could also assist in future Microsoft liability, "...well you know...those kids were up playing know how they are....."  Not true if a password is required.

Hey don't hate me because of the idea. :)  Just trying to be responsible here.

I told some kids that I played Minecraft with today to catch me in the morning, rather than at zero-dark-thirty.  I had never really thought of this because I was /digging /digging /digging /digging /digging, but some guy showed up and must have hit me with my own shovel.


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When I was stationed in Korea the had a midnight curfew for the entire country. If you are caught outside you were shot no questions asked. Maybe they do that for kids playing games after midnight. Lol.

But really you can easily limit your kids game time. If you leave the consoles in their rooms then thats the first mistake,

My Grandkids each have 45 minutes a day to play games for school days and it is set on a timer. And the system is set up in a common room so they can't sneak games.

You are the pilot of your own life.

I think SC and some other games lead to that stupid S.Korea law. People just played it non stop.

If Koreans cant play after midnight then why are they all so good at Starcraft :O one of lifes many enigmas . But i think parent can set limits but its a good idea because alot of kids are in games of cod or BF late at night basically whispering. Although this would cancel the classic commical rarity that is a parent shouting at a child on xbox live. " WHY AREN'T YOU IN BED"  ...."One more game Mum please" ... "NO GET TO F*CKING BED"..... And so it goes on. Truely funny when this happens. Has happened when me and friends have been playing cod and all of a sudden there is a mighty roar behind a squeekers mic.

Easier way is just for the parents to set a timer on the router or something to block all communication after a certain hour. Or just tell the ISP to cut services after a certain time and resume them whenever for that household. Problem solved already.

Very nicely said, Don't shoot.