This Argonian tried to talk me into giving him 10,000 gold because of a bet I made with him when I got drunk and did not remember.  Has anyone else run into this guy?  His name was pretty funny but it wasn't enough to let him live after asking me for 10,000 gold.


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i ran into him to. he told me to give him the 10,000 gold but i killed him. now because of some glich in the game he comes back to life and in random parts in the game he says the same damn thing! i swear i killed that f*cker 10 times! and he comes back to life. i hate him.

Sounds like that *** Wood Elf from Tribunal. I hated that guy because I was around level 50 when I ran into him (I think he's level relative to you) and since he comes back with that full set of (I think) Dwarven Armor and his speed is pretty much maxed out I had to run away from him because he would kill me if I fought him.

I persuaded deep to give me the hat for 750 gold,i'm getting tired carrying the damn thing around now though(incase it's needed for something or other)

ita after you do sanguin deadric quest, when you got drunk with him. i just told him i did not remember.

Yea same happened to me I bought the hat for 750 and its *spoiler* just a normal hat, nothing special about it.

Yup, I met him as well.  Told him I didn't remember and then he offer the hat at 750.  I told him no again and then we fought; his life was short lived.  I can' be held responsible for getting that drunk and not remembering; at least not in a mid-evil type of setting.  Live by the sword die by the sword; sucked for him.