Deep Impact

Why are ppl shooting thru objects without this on. Especially with the dbl cheater, no talent cheater machine pistols


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There's no such thing as deep impact in this game.

ok impact.

There you go, chief. To answer your question, bullets can shoot through just about anything without impact. The proficiency just helps it a little.

Roger, I figured.

If you find yourself firing through walls and cover a lot then it's a worthy proficiency but I think kick or attachments for assault rifles anyway are far better choice.

  I've enjoyed using fmj and hardened in past releases, but I dont think impact makes as much difference as the others did.

 Combine that with the variety of good proficiencies and its not really worth using. ..........imo

Attachments is the best proficiency. Why? Because you can work on 2 attachment challenges at the same time :)

I've been getting on well with Stability on the G36.