Decks From Previous Duels?

Can you use the decks you unlocked from the previous Duels of the Planeswalkers in 2012?  Kinda like importing songs in new versions of Rock Band?


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From my understanding you will NOT be able to import the old decks.  I can assume though that there will definitely be DLC for this one though.

I would be so much more for it if you could bring in the other decks you worked to unlock... /sad

Can this be confirmed? I've unlocked all cards on all expansions for Planeswalker and if I cant bring them across I can't see the benefit in purchasing much the same game.

It will not be possible, they will want you to buy the new stuff for 2012.

hash trust me as fun as some of those decks were you wouldnt be able to use them in the new game most of them wouldnt be good enough against the new decks.

Cool. Thanks for letting me know.

I'm sure I'll cave in and buy the new one, but then I'll probably never go back to the original.