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Everyone's probably already asked this a million times but have they ever said they would let you make decks of your own scheme? Doesn't necessarily have to be ALL magic cards just the ones that are in the game / current sets. Like what would be legal at the tournaments being held for the set. One of my favorite things is always making my own deck trying and tweaking and i feel like the premade only game is kinda killing half my fun with it. 


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They'll definitely lure those that want to take it to a higher level into purchasing real cards/Magic Online cards. I've done both already long before DotP came out and I know how it feels to no be able to create your own friggin' decks in this game.

We could start a whole new thread just like the one on the old forums with the first DotP. They're taking it to the right direction with the changes made to this deck editor but will we ever see a full deck editor on Xbox ? I doubt it.

The only thing about letting people create their own decks is that with the limited amount of cards at your disposal, 2 or 3 really good decks would emerge and no one would use anything else.

And like Meadhlyn said, they want you to buy the paper version or MtGO if you feel like making your own deck.