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All of you who have played the PC version most likely know about the benefits of the debug screen, or just pushing F3. It would pop up loads of technical stuff, the most important of which (to me) was your coordinates. Does anybody else think that the XB version should get that too? Or at least a way to view your X, Y, and Z coordinates so you know where you are. I'm a huge fan of layer 12 mining, but it's become hard to figure out exactly what layer I'm on. Is anybody with me on this one?


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I was expecting them to have this and was very dissapointed they didn't, it should of at least been part of the pause screen or acivated with one of the unused keys like the d-pad.


I know for most games its useless to have this on consoles but for Minecraft it was really needed, its a big part of exploration and proper mining I can't believe they didn't include it...

I wish it was there too. It sure would make sharing seeds easier as well.

I suppose that they figure the map will suffice because it shows your position, but that doesn't help when you want to know the layer you're on. If they even had a little number in the corner of the map telling you that info it would be insanely helpful.

I know this was posted like 1.5 yrs ago but still, I just started playing minecraft about a month ago and even I know that all you have to do is mine down to bedrock and then just count back up 12...its pretty simple really.

Or 11 or 15..or whatever you need.

But I can understand when you are tring to make sure you are at lvl 128 or something..thats a bit tougher..but for just start counting up from sea lvl.....still pretty easy.