Debate about Gears 3 Golden Weapons

Epic Game's Rod Fergusson revealed a new plan for Gears fans to earn the Gold Gnasher and  other gold-plated weapons in Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360. The reaction from  players who achieved Veteran Gears status or got the Gold Hammerburst or Lancer  in the second Gears game has been negative as the official forums  exploded in a fury of complaints.

Epic had previously promised that Gears of War 2 players who earned the Veteran Gears  achievement would receive the Gold Gnasher along with a medal and unique title  in Gears of War 3. However, Fergusson didn't feel like that was enough  to reward such dedicated players so the promotion was changed to include all  five gold weapons - Gold Gnasher, Gold Sawed-off, Gold Hammerburst, Gold Retro  Lancer, Gold Lancer. Additionally, anybody that plays Gears of War 3  within the first week of its release on September 20 will unlock a Gold  Gnasher.

Fergusson's reveal of these new conditions for unlocking the Gold Gnasher and  other unlocks resulted in thread that quickly grew to nearly 3,500 posts in less  than 18 hours. Complaints generally revolve around the idea of unlocking the  Gold Gnasher for anyone who plays the game the first week as that will likely  make that weapon skin less unique as the number of pre-orders for Gears of  War 3 topped one million all the way back in May.

Another complaint comes from those that were able to get their hands on the  limited number of Gold Lancer and Gold Hammerburst skins in Gears of War 2.  Owners of these skins are unhappy that Epic is now making these very distinctive  skins open to those who achieve Veteran Gears status.

A third complaint concerns the Gold Retro Lancer as that was previously going  to be exclusive to those that participated in the beta, played 90 matches to  unlock the Gold Retro Lancer and then get 100 kills with it.


So what do you guys think? 

I personally don't think they should just give out the golden weapons. Only give it to people who worked towards the harder achievements.


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Honestly, I think its pretty neat when things carry over from a previous installment.I am all for that and this.

Eh.  I don't think the golden weapons in GoW 2 looked as good as the originals.

I don't know if it was fixed, but in in Gears 2 you couldn't pick up a golden weapons ammo.   If I have  a Lancer and go to pick up a golden Lancers ammo it just swapped the guns as if it was a different weapon.

Personally hope there are no golden weapons.  It will just lead to more boosting.

Hmm , I just realized I dont even have that cheevo... lol I still support this though.

I too think that it should be given to only the people that got the Veteran Gears achievement in Gears 2. I mean there needs to be some sort of reward. Not to mention, there were so many XP events and some of them were just so ridiculously large and long, that if you don't already have your level 100, you clearly aren't that much of a fan of Gears anyways. I don't understand what goes through the mind of Rod Fergusson sometimes. Hopefully he changes his mind about this after the huge uproar this has caused in the Gears community.

All Epic fans do is complain. lol.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Epic are awesome developers who make great games.

But they sometimes make stupid decisions. (Well in my opinion)

What they should do is not give them away and sell them on the marketplace.

I really wish you never had to buy the map packs to unlock that achievement. I'm already 98 -_-

[quote user="Manhandler"]

that if you don't already have your level 100, you clearly aren't that much of a fan of Gears anyways.[/quote]Cobblers.

I avoided the XP events because it was impossible to get a decent match because of all the boosters who came out of the woodwork.

Trying for a King of the Hill match was a pure waste of time and they were even in Horde, wanting to play the same few waves again and again. 

Well you should have played ranked or private as opposed to social.

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