Dear Racing Enthusiasts

When I race I'm all about the challenge that's ahead of me.  I love going bumper to bumper and battling for my position, going flat out constantly with no break.


I hate "LB cars" (Forza 3 speak) and do not use them, I don't see the point in lapping ahead of the pack by myself.


I pick oddball cars, usually RWD, and when I'm winning, I start picking cars that aren't competitive at all, just to give others a chance.


I hate people that bump others purposely, and go out of my way to avoid it (unless severely provoked).


Seeing the guy in second to last place trying his best and moving out of people's way as they barrel towards him warms my heart, while high level players with no patience blocking or using other cars to slow down frustrate me.



If this sounds anything like you I'd like to invite you to my club "Racing Enthusiasts [RE]".  I don't aim to be the biggest or baddest club at anything, I'm just looking for like-minded people who are into racing.  I specialize in tuning RWD, but really all are welcome.  Especially that guy in second to last place who showed more class than 80% of the people I run into on the track.


Sorry in advance for promoting my club.  I just need a few people to get it off the ground. 


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well I got one person that joined, so this must have worked lol.  

I drive with bumper or hood cam. I sometimes cannot see on my sides. I try not to hit others, but racing is racing. I always pick top cars for their class because I want good lap times. I assume most online players will pick a car to win. I love to play around with all kinds of cars though. Add me. I don't have to be in your club necessarily. I'll have the game some time today.

I always drive with the cockpit view. most realistic. I try not to hit other players and will avoid it if i can. Good to know SOME decent guys are out there racing still

I use the bumper cam, and if I think there's someone next to me (usually I can tell from my peripheral view of the rearview) I'll use the right stick.


I race to win...  But not at the cost of being feminine hygiene product, if you catch my drift.  It's all about what you think is fair.  If being in the fastest car against a complete noob is fair, well ok then. :P


I'll add you to my friend's list.  You'll usually find me in the multiclass.


"I always drive with the cockpit view. most realistic"  -I used to with my 55" TV.  Now I have a "normal" TV and I only use it in single player.  :,-(

I play on a 26" TV, i just enjoy it, and please do add me to friends :) I LOVE multiclass :)

added :)

I guess I should clarify, it's not that I never hit people.  It's just that I never do it on purpose. lol

Especially in multiclass, if they don't see me shooting for the apex and give me room, I may end up scrapping a bit, though I always put two tires on the curb/dirt.  I'm really aggressive in passing, hardly even slow down half the time. :-X

Nah, some of the best racing i had on FM3 was close bumping racing. as long as there is a certain level of respect, a "love nudge" here or there does no harm dude!

I'm on the same page as you guys.  I don't get to play a lot, and spend a lot of time offline because there are so many stupid people online that take away from it for me.  Hope this game will be different.  I haven't even got online yet, just been driving all the cars and looking at them haha.  If you want to add me somehow, awesome.  I'll try to play with you guys when I can.

My friends will be watching me and getting all nervous because I am so close to them, but not hitting.  They always say something along the lines of "see, right there I would have just hit that guy"  or "why don't you just push him out of the way?"  

I pride myself on clean passes, or none at all.  I hate getting second, but (as said) I don't want to be an a$$hole just to get first.  "If I get first, I want the money AND the respect...  to some guys that's more important..." -"Brian Earl Spilner/Paul Walker   Love that movie

if you do get online try the multiclass.  People have to be aware of how to pass, and how to be passed.  You really have no choice since there are both fast and slow cars on the track.  the ABCs is actually a blast (C-S class all on the same track).

I used to be good enough to follow bumper to bumper, I mean, in some cases my screen was just a huge close up of the rear end of a car.  But I've taken a break from Forza in the past and I'm not quite that good any more.  If you're going to do that you have to instinctively know where you are on the track and when they're going to brake.  It's really just a way of either showing off or psyching out the other driver. :P

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