Dear Moderator of the Halo CE Anniversary Forum:

Can you please create a sticky thread titled: "Find a co-op partner here" or "Look here first for a co-op partner" or something to that extent so that we can consolidate all of these single posts of people looking for co-op buddies?

Thanks for your attention and please don't forget to delete this thread after creating the sticky.  It would seem very out-of-place otherwise.



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I still think this is an excellent idea.  The pages are filled with the exact same type of thread, with only one or a couple of replies in most of them.  Sometimes they have no replies.  They just clutter up the forum.  A sticky co-op/multiplayer thread would be cool because people could say exactly what they're looking for.  Could be an easy way to find friends who want to play the same thing, rather than look through a bunch of threads. 

I'm with you man.  Gets old seeing all the "co-op help needed" posts created every so often, and seeing them above and below each other on the same page.  A sticky co-op thread is a really good idea so people could just put their names out their and get some friends in return, versus cluttering the pages with many threads of the same nature.