dear microsoft why ??

I want the money for xbox one for 2 more years for anyone who stay on xbox 360 live can add  me if i could use some friends I don't like the xbox one it cable box add on so long is xbox 360 live going to run for after the one comes out I thank the xbox one looks ok but $500 just because it a web cam with it that just crazy it no good games that are not going to be on 360 so why buy a cable box add for football and movies what the point i don't known how long xbox 360 live going to run for but stary with for 2 more years good luck to all you buy a the xbox one cable add buleray player have fun loss your money because that all your doing microsoft your lost your minds put a $500 cable box add ? buleplayer out there I have in joineyed my time on the xbox 360 live but you bannd my profile bannd xbox that i loved yes i have new 360 and i am have to start over because of you i lost everything all my friends all my dlc moives and games microsoft you have hurt me i do not thank i will buying a any more of hardwear are softwear anymore my tag was excalibur star and my dad help get me buy  the xbox  you bannd and he no longer in my life you hurt me  this not rant this has happen to me with xbox live I have no friends no dlc no movies they took it all over a bug that i call 4myxbox report over and over my profile bannd over something that could have been fix not onecs did any tech tell to go the formus to report the bug just because ms points where not comeing off i lost everything a 4 year gamer tag gone over a bug that somebody could done someting about the only reason i am on xbox live now was i hopeing to find new friends and mayeb my old ones i was 3 halo clans but with now with out b net i can't find them  


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I'll add you, but I stopped talking on xbl. Btw, learn online grammar. I cannot understand your post :)

I read about 5 Sentences and then, Stopped its just a grammatical failer gone wrong lol.

He wants friends----  His brother tries to help------  He thinks MS sucks........     Maybe some alcohol is involved---   GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

I can not see my online friends or add friends happened 10/12/20

Wow! I still cannot read it but I'll add you, again -_-

Please, mind the time stamp....