Dear M$, I'll be getting Dark Souls on PS3. Just thought you'd like to know.

Dear microsoft,

I've decided to get this game on ps3, even though I would rather get it for xbox. I have been an avid supporter of your console since 2007, and the original xbox before it. But if you are going to gouge me for a gold subscription to get content which should be included for free (such as seeing bloodstains, messages, and players ghosts) you can get stuffed. I don't mind if you included these things with a free account but required gold to join parties and play co-op online with friends; that is what gold is all about. But instead you have chosen the route that makes the game basically worthless. Why should I have to pay extra to receive these things when I can get them for FREE on PS3? This game is about seeing bloodstains, messages and ghosts. They are ESSENTIAL to the game experience. And this is the reason I will be getting it on PS3.


A once loyal ex-fan.


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What are you talking about?

Go read/watch one of the many reviews about Dark Souls to see what I am talking about.

I re-read my message and I can't see any ambiguity in my statement. If you would like further clarification on what I am talking about that isn't answered in a review, please ask a more specific question.

I'm sorry you're not a Gold member of Xbox Live.  

I can understand your frustration with not being able to access the online features that made Demon's Souls, and now Dark Souls, such a compelling and interesting experience.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it on PS3,.  It really is a great game, but damn I swear I wanted to smash my controller a few times last night.  LoL


Anyways, I'd encourage you to definitely check out all the features that being an Gold member grants you access to.  You can watch streaming videos through Hulu and Netflix, enjoy ESPN (if your cable subscription includes it), and play hundreds of multiplayer titles online with millions of users.  It's really not such a bad deal for about $0.17 a day!

£40/$60 a year for gold is pennies a day. are people still crying about gold?

also getting it on ps3.

Yup.  Seventeen shiny pennies a day to be exact.

And boooooo! You should be getting it on Xbox.  Runs and looks fantastic.  I installed the game and havent had any problems.  :)

I live in Australia where the GOLD subscription costs around $11/month, or $80/yr. Here they price-jack us for our wonderful Aussie dollars then run laughing to America and exchange it netting them a nice little return. I don't play any other games online and haven't felt the need to. Why should I pay for features that are integral to the game when I can get them for free on another system?

When it comes down to it, this decision will be made by many people in the same situation as me and they will choose PS3, and the xbox community will wonder why there servers aren't as populated.

edit: their*

Well i am a gold member and also still having trouble with getting co-op to work at all on bosses like the game  " said " you would be able to but that a load of BS not one person  i know that has this flop of a game can co-op with xbox live no party chat no co-op this is dumbed down to a single player game thats insane diff on bosses that u need a bit of a asst all n all this game was one of the biggest lets down should have figured so for a sequal always a let down sorry xbox u lost alot of good members so some dumb little mistakes

xbox silver does not allow you to play multiplayer in any game period, occasionally you get a free weekend of playing online to tempt you in, unless you buy gold, you do not have access to online/multiplayer features.

why should it be any different for dark souls?

i pay $60/$40 a year for gold to play any number of different titles online, download demos, trials, arcade titles, on demand titles, movies, ect. its not just to play one game online, no-one is going to buy xbox gold solely to play dark souls, they will just get it on the ps3 if they have the option.

its pretty obvious ps3 is the obvious choice is you have a ps3.

Well, you guys seem to forget, that many folks on here are not adults. Many of these folks are in high school, and middle school and don't have any income comming their way, like say, an adult with a job. So to them, $60 a year is a lot of money to them when they can get the same online on a system for free and would rather use that $60 on a new game instead.

It's not like they can go to gamestop and trade in games towards a new live subscription, ya know what I'm saying???

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