Dear Epic - my opinion of things to fix in Gears of War 3, hope you read this

There needs to be a way when checking what new ribbons that you got that you can just search for new ones.  when you scroll down through the menu it erases the gold exclamation point and I have no idea what I just got or not.  maybe sort things regarding last match or newest ribbons.  the things pop up so fast on the screen it is hard to keep track.  very hard to track this.  same with the medals.  also I have no idea what ribbons or medals are for, or why you pick a default medal.

The snub pistol is way underpowered and so were the melee hits.  I like using the beatdown to combat the shotguns in gears 1.

There needs to be a way to kick someone out of a public match.  I know many times people were just signing up and not playing, getting credit for matches played because they can't be booted.  The only way was to quit the match, but that sucks for all the players stuck on a team with these people.  Maybe do a timed idle mode thing like they do in left 4 dead 2.

As for the **** rifles and shotguns, I think they were all weighted greatly.  My rifles were very effective against the gnasher that I hate using.  the retro was great.  thanks for this.  please do not make the shotguns more powerful.


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snub pistol is slightly underpowered, then again it is a pistol, and most maps provide at least one or two weapons to switch the pistol with such as the boltok, so i wouldnt change the pistol at all

gears 3 has dedicated servers, no person within the game should be able to boot another person, one of the things that still bothers me about gears 1, the ability of a host to boot me after i *** them 3 times in a row, idle time resulting in a boot is a good idea

i dont think you have to worry about the rifles or shotguns changing much, everything is gunna stay the way it is, changing anything that drasticaly at this point after thousands have played the beta and know what to expect from gears 3 would only have support from very few in reality

melee is pretty much the only thing that shud be fixed, melee should still take 2 hits to down someone, 3 to kill, but if i put 50 bullets in someone, it should not still take 2 mellees to down, at that point the person should already be severely injured and should only take one melee to be downed, did anybody else experience this?

Melee is perfectly fine in the pistol, it was way to abused in Gears 1 and a cheap killing method.

Epic was banning people who were idle boosting in matches, and you get kicked out for not playing after a while.

Also, no one from Epic views these forums if you want them to see what you posted, then do it on their forums.

I was fixing to say If you go idle for a few minutes during a match you get booted for "not participating".

I'll admit the snub is a bit underpowered, but it never was an issue.The only thing I think that needs fixing is the range of the mantle kick, and there are a few times where the gnasher doesn't feel consistent. Oh and the TWO hammer of dawns on trenches.... one is plenty.