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So I was having a look on Amazon and I see that they have some games that I think are good deals. I don't know for how long since they always change the prices on here. The ones that really caught my eye were..

$10 Defiance

$8 Resident Evil 6 (I already have it, but someone might be interested in this offer. I can certainly say it is. I like the game.)

$16 Hitman Absolution.

$15 Devil May Cry HD Collection.

$20 Tomb Raider

$15 for both Batman Arkham Asylum/City GOTY. 

There were a bunch of games for a good price, but these are the ones that really caught my eye. What say you guys? Are these good deals?


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$10 for Defiance is a steal.

I'll pass. They'll be even cheaper in a month.

I thought so too Louie. And yeah, they probably will be Isaac. Or maybe not? I dunno. The prices always change on Amazon. Defiance could go back to being $50 in a few days or something. I just found it funny that these games were so low priced and then you have a game like Call of Duty Black Ops that came out in 2010 cost  $35 lol. I don't understand how that works, but okay. Someone else might be interested in these deals though. :) With that said, I'll be all over Amazon next month near Black Friday. We'll have a bunch of good deals then!