Deadric achievement question

i was checking my quest log and relized i only needed 2 more deadric quest to finish the achievement did them but didnt recieve the achievement for it cliched or did i do something wrong any help will be thankful.


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There are 3, I believe, Daedric quests that you can complete without actually receive the artifact required for the achievement, so, it is possible you completed the quest, but chose an option that didn't net you the piece of equipment you needed.  For example, in the quest where you escort the dog around, if you kill the dog, you get the Rueful Axe, which is required for the cheevo, if you opt not to kill the dog, you get a different item, which doesn't count toward it.  I believe the cannibalism quest can be finished 2 different ways one of which will hose you out of the required item.  Conversely, you can obtain 2 items from the Hircine quest, which will help if you messed up one of the others.

The Oblivion Walker Achievement (daedric quest) was, for me, the toughest and my final Skyrim achievement. First problem -- the official Skyrim guidebook states that the skeleton key counts as one of the artifacts. It does NOT.  Second problem, the game encourages you to destroy the Skull of Corruption as if it were the right thing to do. You are better off keeping it as it does count as one of the artifacts.  Third problem, Sam G. is a character you encounter in a tavern around level 13 or so. He will challenge you to a drinking contest, which sounds like a total waste of time. It is not. When Sam G challenges you to a drinking contest, drop whatever else you are doing and accept it. You need this for the Sanguine Rose artifact. If you refuse the drinking contest, you may or may not ever see Sam G again. Apparently, he travels around randomly.  Good luck.      

i did all 15 plus i have the skeleton key and as i said it is still locked out.oh well guess ill have to start a new play thru.

As I said, doing all 15 doesn't necessarily get you the achievement.  You also need to do them correctly in order to get the correct artifact for it to register with the achievement gods.  This is one quest line where the wiki is really invaluable to those trying to get it done and over with.

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i did all 15 plus i have the skeleton key and as i said it is still locked out.oh well guess ill have to start a new play thru.

[/quote] Know what you mean. It took me 3 play thrus to get it.  But, at the time, I was not aware of that double Hircine option.

Look through this list and see if you have done all of them.

thanks for the link implanted.figured out what i did wrong took the woeful axe instead of the mask.guess ill have to play another 100 hrs or so.and no that dont make me mad

Well, seven of the quests can be done right off the bat. Some of the quests would be insanely hard to do at low levels, though. I would suggest just playing through as a different kind of character and do these quests as you find them. Once you know how to complete them and where they start, it is not as hard.