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If it's not scripted and he instead spouts random one liners when you're playing, it will be fun to play. Hearing the same scripted jokes over and over again wont be as funny and would only be worth a rent. My guess is that activision doesn't really care and are just going to schmooze Dead Pool fans. But heres to hoping for a good little laughy game!

Too funny.

I can't wait for this game. 

Gonna hate giving Activision my money for this game.

Unless I find out that there is a joke from Deadpool about Activision.

Maybe he comes out & p*sses on the logo when the game is booting up.

that would be wort it...

That actually looks pretty awesome.  It won't be a day one purchase but I will most likely pick it up when the price drops.

Trailer was hilarious, definitely will keep an eye out for it.

I didn't find anything about that funny. Though im not in grade 5 , so.