Deadly Tactics

All the real Far Cry 2 Originals know oSo as I'm sure they Know Deadly Tactics! Rest assured me and my boys will be back to fight at the top of the ladder! Looking forward to some heated battles like back in the day!


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Sorry I didn't mean to make this a new thread

So you guys were a competitive group on Farcry 2? Hmm interesting, would you be willing to have a private talk later?

I was on FC2 quite a bit and have never heard of oso. Never heard of you guys on the original FC on PC, FC:IP on the OG Xbox or the 360 version of FC:IP either.....

I am sure we will see you on the forums to battle it out like we did in Far Cry 2.  We are going to play some vintage Far Cry 2 in a couple hours, are you up for that?

I pretty much only play video games on the weekends. Job, married, kid, etc. You know, domestic duties and all...

I know the routine. My son is 15 now so he doesn't require my services like he used to.  My wife falls asleep on the couch with the dog.  That leaves me and the game.

Show your supprt to open the Far cry 3 ladders at Fragged Nation.

Hi lightning hope tg is well.

Killigram glad to see dt is still kicking around.

Elite wing, if you ever want a scrim I imagine oso is always interested. I'd suggest talking to oso kswoosh.

Dirty harry I find really odd that you've never crosses paths with me or oso. I played fcip for a few years then fc2 for a few years and always lobby crashed. I have never met you before but I'm sure we''ll do so soon.

Is that fragged nation ladder not appearing for Anyone else?