This any good?

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[quote user="Burst Axe"]This any good? [/quote]Looks good, but it's dull to play!

Watch a video walkthrough on YouTube, that might help! I love the graphics and atmosphere to the game, but the gameplay can get tiring as mentioned!

I had a lot of fun with Deadlight and have played through it twice. My only gripe is the game's length. If I remember correctly, it took me around 4 hours to complete it on my 1st playthrough and that includes finding all of the collectibles.

If you're a fan of platformers and put hours into Out Of This World, Flashback, and Blackthorne back in the day, then you should really consider checking Deadlight out.

^^I couldn't justify the price on release but this one looks much more in line with how long(short) I've heard the game is.

It's pretty fun game. It's sort of like Shadow Complex or  similar games but  with zombies though.