deadliest warrior:ancient combat is pretty much free!

Best buy dropped the price of the game to $20 last night, if you are a @gamer reward member ( get their magazine) there is a coupon for that same game $20 off.


I got it today but have to go to the DMV to renew liscense ( kill me please) but picking it up ended up spending $1.50 on a pack of gum and a free game.


how to get it is simple


1 go to best buy and buy magazine subscription ($15 a year) unless you have one already ( and you should)

2 get game and use coupon at check out

3 watch employees run in circles trying to figure out what to do
4 leave with really cheap/free game.


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no one took advantage of a free game? wow. idc how crap it might be.

I got a new copy of Blur about 10 days after it was released for I think... $11 with tax at Best Buy after a new games sale with an Activision coupon.

They would have to pay me to take that hunk off their hands

according to their website you can trade it back in for $3 (6 if you include the double trade in promotion going till like the 7th of july)

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