Deadliest warrior question

Seen the game went on sale for 400 msp, and it sounds like a really good deal. So I was wondering how good the game was from a few people that has played it. I've heard mixed reviews in the past and want to get something concreate.


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Its great for a quick 5 minute bash.  Personally I like it.  Its cheap and cheerful.  There are a few different modes in it (Survival needs to be unlocked by finishing it with all characters - I think)  It's really gory, chopping arms, legs and heads off but I couldn't sit playing it for over 20 mins.  

There are a second set of weapons and armour to unlock provided you complete all the bonus stages on the story mode so there is a bit of life in it.

In all honesty play the trial and apart from a few more characters and 3 small "bonus" stages thats it really. If you like it, get it. I don't regret picking it up :)

Thinking about picking this up just started watching the series for the first time and i love it, huge fan. Anybody still play?

I bought the game when it was on sale, but I haven't played it yet.