First, I want to thank you guys for re-sending me the code. But I am having another problem and its been like this for a while now. When I level up and unlock new armor it tells me I've unlocked deadeye but it never even shows under the armor. How will I unlock it for real?

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It is a promo code that comes with some preorders :D

Hmmm, haven't come across that before. If you've entered the code to download it should show up when you go to armors. Try re-downloading it and see if that fixes it.  
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Can someone explain how does it work? I want to get deadeye without its code

deadeye looks ugly. so do half of the helmets i see on halo. anyone ever going to come up with a ascethically pleasing helmet?

you cant get it if you dont have the dlc code for pre-ordering from gamestop and another store on the UK I believe, something about mighty ape I believe (correct me if I'm wrong)

At least I pre ordered from GameStop but quick question modest, does it show randomly or when you finish a rank?

Oh if you were wrong then ill beat the living *** out of ya >:D

HAPPENS to me too except it's the oceanic circuit but it will show up

Oh My God, sorry Mega, my bad, huge bad, feel dumb here, DumbElf here, I meant Best Buy not gamestop, sorry, you may beat the livving *** out of me :(