Dead Space movie update (not good)

From this article:

The long-in-stasis Dead Space movie is still happening. In an effort to push the franchise through the gears of Hollywood, the publisher has secured a writer to help pen the script. The scariest part of the news? EA has tapped Justin Marks, writer of the critically lambasted Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Marks said that the film adaptation shouldn't replicate the action of the game, Variety reports. "You would be making Event Horizon or Alien," he said. "I've already seen that movie."

Instead, Marks hopes to tell the story in a way that's "new and intriguing."

If that's who's writing it, ugh not good.  I guess we can hope it turns out decent or better, but I'd rather have a writer who has better titles under his or her belt.  

Shouldn't replicate the action of the game Marks?  Yes... yes it should.  Or be close.  It at least better have the feel of Dead Space and have similar story aspects.  As we know countless horrible movies have spawned from games.  Dead Space is too good to have a horrible movie made off of it.  

And don't try a teen love drama and have the movie filled with butterflies and kittens, Marks.  We need Dead Space.   


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Man this movie better be a hard rated R movie lol. I'm not feeling this idea period tho, I wish they would just hold off on this or let John Carpenter handle this stuff (since he showed much interest). All I know is I want DS4 for my Xbox One and I'll be happy.

Books were great, slow paced but very creepy.

^^ Agree with that.  Took a while to get into the good stuff, but when it did, it was awesome.  

Wish the "writer" writing the movie script for DS would take a lesson from those books.  I don't know.  It's just very sad that he said he doesn't want to follow the games' stories because then it would be like Alien or Event Horizon.  Umm again Mr. "writer" Alien and Aliens were only two of the most influential movies of all times.  And Event Horizon is very creepy.  

Sure we don't want a movie EXACTLY like Alien or Event Horizon, but something with the same creepy and intense feel would be, um better than The Legend of Chun-Li hahahaha.  Marks good sir, I would be your biggest fan if you could write a script that was actually Dead Space-worthy.  You would be my biggest hero, next to Socrates aka the epic zombie killer of the ancient days of humanity.  

To everybody yes I know Marks will never read this.  Just nerd rambling haha.  Also Socrates once said, "There are several ways to kill a zombie.  But... the most satisfying one, is to stab it in the face, with a wooden stick."