Dead Space DLC?

Is any of the DLC for the first Dead Space worth getting? Most of it looks like skins for the weapons and suit. Is there any DLC that adds extra weapons or different suits? I just started playing the first game.


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I didn't know they had any DLC, unless your talking about the weapons & armor? I bought them ALL of them, was a waste of MS points just get the best one, been so long now I forgot witch one that was, an I think you can unlock those in the game play anyway, the second one though had exclusive suits that were well worth the purchase, sorry not much help but I'm pretty sure you can either unlock those on Dead space 1 in game play an they weren't that expensive if you bought them..

Thanks for the link

They are jut cosmetic really. I bought the Astronaut pack because it's pretty cool and reminds me of retro space suits with a Dead Space twist.

I might get them all if I do end up liking the game. 

I think it would be cool if they were rewards for achievements and the like, but in this day and age, it just gives EA dollar symbols in their eyes.

No doubt all this content will already be on the disc and you are just paying to unlock it, typical of EA.

I get the impression some people are talking about Dead Space 3 DLC where is this is a Dead Space 1 thread. Some of the DS1 Dlc is very useful, and makes a huge difference, especially on the hardest playthrough.

If there is, I'm def going to get it.