Dead Space 4 cancelled

Despite being in the early stages of development, Dead Space 4 has been cancelled following the disappointing sales of Dead Space 3.

That’s according to a report published this morning, citing an anonymous source close to the unannounced project. Should it be true the revelation casts doubt over the future of the once-promising action horror series.

The source claims that Dead Space 4 was in production at developer Visceral Games, with a small team working on prototypes and potential narratives for the game.

However, following the failure of Dead Space 3 to live up to EA’s expectations, the publisher visited the studio last month to inform the team that work should stop.

In addition to this the source also provided some insight into the development of Dead Space 3 and none of it reflects well on EA.

Apparently the game endured several budget cuts and at one point was almost cancelled. What’s more the publisher is said to have ordered Visceral to change the ammo system in the game to allow for a microtransaction implementation.

Dead Space 3’s microtransactions would go on to cause quite a stir, generating ill-will for the title before it was even released.

The source claims that Dead Space 3 was to feature a weapon-specific ammo system, but it made a potential microtransaction system cumbersome, so generic ammo was introduced instead.

During development and post-release much of the discussion around Dead Space 3 centered on the game’s continuing shift towards all-out action and away from the series’ creepy horror.

According to the source this was a publisher-led decision, as EA wanted the game to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The studio was reportedly told to make Dead Space 3 feel more like Mass Effect.

Unfortunately for both EA and Visceral, Dead Space 3’s shift wasn’t enough to secure the future of the series. Launched last month first week sales were down 26.6 per cent on those of Dead Space 2.

It has slid pretty quickly down the UK charts too, suggesting that sales are dropping pretty sharply.

EA has yet to comment.


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Just heard about the lay offs and its pretty sad actually, great game. Ammo wise, I don't see the issue because with all we can craft universal makes sense. As far as EA goes, they definitely can be blamed for a lot (not to mention their ridiculously high 5 million goal) but I also blame the media/gaming sites as well. When microtransactions & Day 1 DLC's were first announced the whole Internet blew up and you would have thought DS3 was the first game to introduce it and the way some sites were broadcasting it was definitely misleading. It had potential buyers complaining and hating the game before actually even playing it. Action Vs Horror? Meh, about the same as DS2, obviously more enemies but DS3 story wise is on a bigger scale but it still had its horror. Anyway I hope something changes with this story, it's a great franchise compared to a few others that sell.

Sadly, DS3 does feel a lot like ME3; I blame EA whole-heartedly for this. With these types of decisions, gamers are losing confidence in EA. Micro-transactions? Moving away from survival-horror in a world of 3rd person shooter clones? And they can't figure out why it didn't live up to "expectations". What I want to know is if these "potential ideas for narratives and future gameplay" will make their way into future downloadable content. What's the plan after Awakened? I'm also curious as to the rights over the comic book publishing.

^^ That's my thing tho, what feels like ME3? I played a ton of both and the difference is like night & day. The only thing shared is its a third person shooter and there's microtransactions (which are optional). It's still Dead Space, just seems like the Internet pretty much dictated how everyone felt before the game was even released. I remember when co-op was first announced, people had pitchforks ready.

Sad to hear it, i liked the Dead space series didn't much care for Dead Space 3 but i at least hope they can tie up some loose ends with DLC.

I personally think DS3 is an excellent game. One of the best games of 2013 so far. EA just set their expectations too high and didnt reach their goals. This game is far from a failure.  DS3 is doing a LOT better in sales than Crysis 3 thats for sure. Crysis 3 is a disaster on the 360.   So does that mean they are going to cancel the Crysis series?  Nope. Is this the end of the DS series? Nope. Is it the end of the ME3 series? Nope.  These will all be back on the next gen consoles.


Sales would have been even lower if it wasnt for the co-op campaign added to DS3.  Co-op is about the only thing that saved this series.  I had no interrest in this until I played the co-op demo and instantly enjoyed it.  I even talked at least 5 other friends into buying this game for the co-op campaign. And they had no interrest in the DS series.  Without co-op the sales would have been much lower IMO.

^^ Thanks CAMARO for spreading the word about DS3! And like you said the series will probably continue, I just found this as well, a few of the dev's have took to twitter to debunk the story of cancellation

Personally, I think the only real thing that hurt the game was the ridiculous high schoolish love triangle. It diminished the seriousness of the plot, and many times overshadowed the main storyline.


I do wish it had been more "horror" than "action", but it was still a thriller and still survival (albeit resources were plentiful in all modes played smart).


I wouldn't be surprised if Awakening is the only DLC we'll see.


Obviously EA is not liked by MANY, and their association and influence seems to be taking a toll on some of our favorite games.

^^ Agreed, though I say if they keep Isaac as the main character the psychological horror can't return unless he relapses. He isn't affected by the Marker so that's why we didn't get that sort of "horror", Carver's missions touched the surface a bit BUT it was only 3 missions and not really fleshed out. Good news is that it seems to be just a rumor and Steve is suppose to hit up the forums sometime this week to answer questions from fans.

Do you guys allways believe everything they print on the Internet? Jeeez! do some *****ng research first. The article is FALSE!

He was affected by the Markers just not in the same way others were. Besides that had nothing to do with the main horror element of the first two games. As far as Carved goes, I think he's dead.

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