Dead Space 3 Rumors

Plot Details Pt. One

There's not much surprise to be found in the rumored existence of another Dead Space sequel, is there? According to purported plot details published by Siliconera, however, you're in for less of a shock and more of a creeping, unshakeable chill. (Dead Space 3 has not been announced, so beware of potential spoilers beyond this point.)

According to the site's mole, Dead Space 3 dumps perennially imperiled engineer Isaac Clarke on Tau Volantis, a frigid planet blanketed in snowstorms. Donning a snowsuit (with temperature indicated inconveniently on the back?), he attempts to locate lost friends and other signs of humanity. And we can't imagine a bit of unpleasant weather deterring those despicable necromorphs.

The change of location (if accurately reported) sounds intriguing, though we won't hear more until EA decides to announce Dead Space 3 officially. Last we heard, Dead Space 2 had shipped over 2 million copies -- enough to be deemed one of EA's "strong, growing franchises."

Plot Details Pt. Two

Siliconera's mystery mole has provided more details about the premise of Dead Space 3, including one new character whose presence sounds like it will change the tone of the game significantly.

We'll put the specifics after the break in the interest of protecting your delicate eyes from (unconfirmed) spoilers, but we're pretty sure this will be a central (read: widely advertised) aspect of this still-unannounced game anyway.

Siliconera reports that Isaac is accompanied on-screen by a character called "Shadow Isaac" -- a second personality who appears on-screen as a distinct character. This Shadow Isaac entity frequently taunts "real" Isaac, mocking him for his mistakes. The two even carry on conversations as the missions progress.

It's like Fight Club in space.

Dead Space 3 Logo Poster Pause at 0:07

Dead Space 3 Takes Place On A Frigid Planet?

If EA is making another Dead Space—and it's starting to appear that it is—it may be a radical rethink of the sci-fi horror series. Gone may be the dark corridors of space ships and far-flung planetary settlements, replaced by an icy wasteland inhabited by an all-new strain of monster.

Siliconera reports that it has first details on the fiction of Dead Space 3, claiming that the next entry takes place on the planet Tau Volantis. The planet's "white-out blizzard conditions" may trade the blackness of previous Dead Space games for pure white, a new method for keeping the beasts of Visceral Games' horror franchise well hidden from view.

Those beasts, according to Siliconera's mole, are known as "the hive mind" in Dead Space 3.

EA and Visceral are rumored to be already hard at work on Dead Space 3, but none of this is official yet.

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I liked part one, loved part 2, but am indifferent about this information/rumors, if it is true. I wanted them to turn Isaac into a psychopath that unknowingly goes on a rampage in part two and realizing the horrors he had done by the end of the game. It would've been splendid.


i still need to finish the second one :(

I liked the industrial setting of the first one. It made me feel like a normal engineer sucked into this. In 2, I guess it makes sense, but it didn't suck me in like the first. I hope the 3rd sucks me in more.

They were both freaking awesome...The one major thing I liked about the 2nd over the first was how every chapter didn't begin and end with getting on the tram. That got old in DS. I don't really care where they do it, I just want more scares and less huge battles. I'd also like to see some choices having to be rescue these people but the other person/people die kind of thing. I just don't wanna see it turn into a Gears of War kind of game, where you just kill everything in your path.


And one more...please don't go the way of Lost Planet. I don't mean by being on a frozen planet, but don't make people "rush" constantly to find crap so we don't freeze. That killed those games for me.

[quote user="DeaconMVP"]

i still need to finish the second one :(

[/quote]I  still need play the first. Hated the frustrating demo LOL.

I played the first one in Jan this year for the first time and only had to wait a month for the second instalment which was great! I don't think this game will ever become so point and shoot like GoW as the physiological thrill is too intense to feel comfortable enough to run through uncharted territory. This franchise immediately became a favourite for me after playing the first one so would recommend it to anyone yet to play it!

Physiological? How do you get a physical thrill from Dead Space? On second thought, I don't think I want know...

Honestly a planet with 'white-out blizzard conditions' is going to feel the same. Instead of being limited by oxygen when exposed to the elements, you'll be limited with how long you can stand the freezing weather, still needing to stay inside. Not worried though. The first two were brilliant.

neither demos do the games justice.

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