Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer


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For some reason the forums are hating me trying to embed it.

Figured this was the something big, here [View:]

Didnt care for the music but I liked the trailer.   Seeing the suit transform like that is sick.  

I really wish they would have done another lullaby trailer instead. Those were the best.

Yeah the trailer for the first game was SIIICK, that's what made me want to check it out in the first place. This new trailer is really good. I like how Isaac jumps off the cliff. Graphics better than ever.

This trailer has grown on me, I can fit the song with it better now. Also, the live action suit just looks awesome (especially when he pulled out his PC).

I've never liked that song, but the lyrics do fit.




These were my favorite trailers. Maybe they will do something for a lullaby trailer soon. If not, no big deal. I just think it gives it a good atmosphere.

I like this one more.