Dead Space 3 fatal bug (unable to play)

It started when I was in the weapon crafting arena 4/6/13.  -Whenever I save/quit the game freezes/crashes.  -Whenever I get to a "progress saving" area the game freezes/crashes -When selecting the data you wish to choose and it displays current percentage and whether it's Classic mode, Pure Survival, etc; It displays 0.0% and it does NOT display a mode. It is blank. Not Standard, Classic, New Game+. It is empty.  -I CANNOT make a New Game+, but Classic, Pure Survival, & Hardcore still appear.  -On "Progress & Unlocks" everything displays 0.0%, but when I started Chapter 4 the Weapon part and Circuit don't appear which means I've still got everything but suffering a literal game-breaking being unable to play it.  Has anyone ever experienced this before? Any solutions? As it stands the my game cannot be played and after putting 73+ hrs into and it's clear I enjoy it very much but I'd appreciate if I don't have to start over from square one (not likely) or pawn it. Severely not hoping for the latter :(. 

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Haven't had any problems like you described. Maybe delete the cache and re download any updates for the game?

I'm not sure about all the problems your experiencing but I'm familiar with the Weapon Crafting part. Try deleting some of your Custom Blueprints. Sometimes if you have a ton of blueprints it will freeze your game every time you save & quit. I'm not sure if that will help with everything but its worth a try.

The blueprint part helped but I can no longer play online with that profile. I made a copy of it on an SD card & deleted it from my Hard drive. I'll just have to continue from on old standard save :/