dead space 3 demo

oh yea tomorrow is demo time

looking forward to this

cant wait for release

wonder if they will do some sort of dlc since everygame is about dlc nowadays


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I don't recall DS2 having dlc but I could be wrong about that. I know DS1 had a ton of dlc like the astronaut suit and the heavy weapons pack and such. I'm stoked for DS3. Wish it was out yesterday lol.

DS2 did have a DLC, Severed (which was AWESOME!).

How do we access the demo? I clicked on the link in the email that they sent me but all it does is take me to the xbox page and sign me out.. I'm so lost.

There should be a code in the email. Then "go to the dashboard, press your guide button, press left and scroll down to redeem code and put it in."- Hope that helps.

Yea thanks man. I literally JUST tried that. lol. I was entering the code in the website first.

Thank you though. Happy Necromorph hunting. ;)

You too! Have fun and let us know what you think in the impressions thread.

I'm a PC guy but have the code and want to try the demo. I dont have a clue where the dashboard!

@turbonex, the code is only early access for XBOX 360 players. If your on any other gaming platform you'll have to wait till the demo goes public on the 22nd of this month. Hope that helped. :)

Well, I meant to say it was for my Xbox(cant edit posts here). Anyway, I got it figured out, my copy and paste was missing a letter. Once I got it figured out, I was good to go.