dead silence patch?

I am a avid Sit rip pro user and the dead silence crowd have been my weakness b.c I depend too much on hearing footsteps... So today playing on some off the elite playlist I been able to hear the dead silence people running around.. So did they make a patch so sitrep can hear the dead silence now.. If so I going to be really happy...


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Why would they have a patch that lets people hear the footsteps of someone using Dead Silence? That's like letting UAV's see people with Assassin.

Yes, there was a patch. Here's how it works:




Assassin is a counter to UAVs. Dead Silence had no counter, which is why they patched it. Now it has a counter with Sitrep pro.

We had a discussion about this one the thread to do with the latest patch. I'd link it but for some reason I can only copy and past from Google to Firefox but not just in Firefox for some reason. Now they just need to nerf the portable baby monitor so it a sweeps the area just for the user only.

It's not Firefox because you can copy & paste within Firefox. Unfortunately, it's the forums that are incompatible with Firefox.

Oh I see, I wouldn't even use Firfox but for some reason I can't log on here with Google. It gives me some sort of error message.

Yup,,,, Sit Rep "counters" Dead Silence.

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

Yup,,,, Sit Rep "counters" Dead Silence.


Wrong... Sitrep Pro "counters" Dead Silence.

^^You know what I mean, geez. Or how about you have to have the Sit Rep perk on your class to have the ability to "counter" the dead Silence perk? You cant see the forest for all the trees in the way, eh?

I prefer to be specific to avoid confusion. Being too generic has already caused me enough trouble on these boards.

^^Can you give a specific example? J/K.