Dead Rising off the record - Sandox mode is back

About time.


[quote]Sandbox mode can be played solo, or players can grab a friend and explore together. Challenges appear to accommodate two players, so your friends won't have to sit out while you have all the fun.While you're encouraged to dink around Fortune City, don't forget to pay attention to your stomach. As with Dead Rising's original incarnation, Frank takes damage over time and players will have to track down food and healing items to stay alive. It would be embarrassing to starve to death in the middle of a wheelchair race now, wouldn't it?[/quote]



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Sweet, I suppose we have to pay for it too ? *sigh*

Not very excited to know I gotta eat to stay alive, (I would like to just be in a world with zombies and "dink around" not worry about a "realistic feature" in the said ZOMBIE game)

but I'm definitely down for this game.

(reminds me of the 1st game, and deadly premonition, why do you HAVE TO EAT JAPAN?)

You will get to dink around in Story Mode. Sandbox Mode is like Infinity Mode, but you can complete challenges instead of standing around eating for seven days to get an achievement. I just hope they leave out TIR co-op this time because it was horrible, imo.

I hope it's not an unlockable perk and sandbox mode is there straight out of the box. Super excited for this bad boy, and I believe it's a budget price game too!

Not to be one of those posters to just crap all over a game with one word (Dead Island), but... I really disliked Dead Rising. I reviewed that first one, mostly complaining about the illusion of freedom while being constrained in a weird fashon. I boasted such high hopes of a sequel, no doubt fixing the broken gameplay, but NO!--the second is the exact same, lol. Oh well, just my opinion.

Constrained how? I'm sure it's been said to you before, but you don't have to follow the story at all because the game doesn't end when you fail a case file or neglect Katey. The only thing that was broken in Dead Rising was the AI and they fixed that in the sequel.

While the first DR had its problem, Dead Rising 2 was awful, along with the DLCs. Blue Castle completely ruined a potentially great series. DR had a better storyline, better boss battles (if you compare DR2 bosses were cheap knock offs), better place to explore, better gore animations, better cutscenes and a better character.