Dead Rising 3 Update Problem

Recently when I try to play Deadrising 3 it says I need an update,which I expected as I knew there was an update necessary, however there is a problem when I try to update it won't let me, as it tells me the update has failed, and when I try again it instantly gives the same message.

This is extremely annoying, because just before I experienced this issue, I bought the season pass and downloaded all the content as I wanted to play it, and now can't.

Any help would be appreciated thanks


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Well, I am just trying to access the content. I have downloaded the season pass but don't see where to start it up in the main menu, or when starting a new game/Chapter Select. I am missing something obvious? how is this content utilized once I have bought it and it shows in my download history that I paid and it's been installed...Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

On the main menu it should say Untold Stories and you access it there.

Also have you bought  the actual content;The Last Agent etc, after the season pass.

Tell me if it works for you

Today is May 11th 2014 I went to play Dead Rising and like others it says I need to update but the update keeps failing. I done all steps outlined in the help file. I have not done the offline trouble shooting update because my system info does not match any of the ones presented. What needs to me done please let me know. I am also havint the same problem with Rise Son of ROME

I am on the preview the only fix is uninstall then reinstall if you are in the preview there is a new update with a fix