Dead Rising 3 timer

Can anyone tell me if there is a timer in dead rising 3, where you have to complete the game within it or can i just spend as much time as i like exploring for secrets and killing zombies, i ask because i was wondering about and a message came up days 5 days left does this mean i cant take my time doing anything i want to.


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In normal mode there is a timer but it is really slowed down compared to Nightmare Mode. Kind of messed up since Capcom said there wasnt one, maybe we can go after them like the other guy is going after MS about Forza 5, lol

cheers for the info it was really confusing me

I was trying to get all the collectables in the game and noticed time was counting down with each day and night cycle

The time runs down, but it goes super slow in normal mode. This gives you time to do side quests, etc... Also, if you play with someone else in their game, it is a good time to do collectibles and stuff. Remember, you can also restart a chapter anytime after you finish the chapter...

WOWZERS so time expired on me, talk about a buzz kill. Here I am getting collectibles and side missions when all of a sudden BAM! I get ending F lol. I thought they said no time limit? Oh well, time for some more (after a break)

Do you have to start completely over or do you get to keep some things? Like wePons, experience, collectible a, etc etc?

your stuff rolls over

I think that when you get to chapter 8 the timer is removed not sure though

Chapter 7 is the last time you see the timer. No matter how much time you have left at the start of chapter 8, the timer will go down to "0 Days, 0 Hours" before the final fight. If you beat the game, or up to chapter 8, with time left you will unlock the Mega Man outfit. I don't know what happens if you don't beat it within the time limit. In Nightmare mode you lose 2 days to accomplish the same amount of tasks but same principle, try to beat the game before time expires. I would not recommend Nightmare Mode unless you are a level 50 with most of the combo/super combo weapons built and all the attributes maxed out.