Dead rising 3 dlc glitch

Ok so I started episode 1 what is the broken eagle or something. First time was ok but when I got the mission go to the taxi company, I got there and was unable to progress any further like I'd be standing on the yellow marker but nothing happens.. So I started the story again and was unable to make the character run he was just walking all the time.

so I thought I'd start episode 2 with that angel lass and again I was unable to proceed the story when I got to and on the boat.

 Anyone else had this issue and know how to get around it?



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digital version or disc? I've not heard of this problem before though

I have had a bit of the same problem, but I just hang out near the goal and it has always worked out. It seems like sometimes the game needs to catch up with you.

It's the digital one...

Ok I'll try it, thank you.

The taxi one you need to kill the zombies in the area and might need to park the apc in the garage. For the boat u should be run to the area u fight the fake nick. If their r issues with the game not continuing then u should uninstall the dlc and then reinstall them.