Dead Rising 3 - Character deleted after update

I downloaded the 5 GB Mandatory Dead Rising 3 update and my character was completely deleted. I had basically unlocked every single item, which took me several weeks to do! This is completely unacceptable! How do I get my character back? I didn't even want the stupid update and now my game is deleted.


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At the moment you dont join the que with the rest of us ..... the only thing you can try is uninstall game, power off console then unplug power for 30 secs turn back on and reinstall .... some people are saying thats its worked for them ... other wise get on to MS and Capcom the more people complain the more likely they are to do a fix

I have the problem like you! :(

Unfortunately we are more or less screwed. No fix from Capcom on this issue despite this being weeks old. I check back around once a week but neither side has even acknowledged it officially. I was able to get a refund on the DLC at least.