Dead Rising 2 Achievements

They are so frustrating.... Three of them have glitched on me now and it sucks big time.

It's like a normal thing for dead rising games it seems. One of the cheevos on Case Zero glitched for me as well!

I wouldn't mind but the cheevos that have glitched are lengthy ones as well... 50 Survivors, Zombrex Posters and Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser.

Have many other people experienced glitchy cheevos as well?


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When i rescued the "tape it or die" members, i went back with rebecca and got them with me.

after entering the safe house there was the cut scene , and after that i was in the safe house.

No full deck poped up and i had no save game before the rescue so i had to do half of the game again.

and many things don´t work in multiple playthrough although they should. be on the safe side and do the things in one playthrough.