Dead Money

When I got the Super Mutie out of jail I did not let Dog out to do it. Now I am at the fountain and I don't know how to let him out. I need to get him to go with me and every time I talk to him he just tells me "Dog hungry, bla bla bla..." I know you play the voice on the PipBoy to put Dog back in his cage but I don't know how to let him out.


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Having not played Dead Money since it came out, all I can remember is that you can switch God to Dog and vice versa, which is seems you're not utilizing the fact that you can switch him back. If you are at the part where you have to do the show or whatever, that took me a while to get as well, but yeah, remember that Dog can turn back into God.

leave him as dog, he really helps killing the cloud people, take him to the switching station as part of the quest, then use the speech options to turn him back to god,

When your at the fountain, all three of them give you a little piece of information about the history of the place and help you with making somehing. Dog is a great companion to have, I use him to clear out entire map that way there's not as much work to do later when using the other companions and they don't have as much power as dog does. But when you are in the switch location for dog, you need to use the Audio to get "control" of him, you convince him to stay, and he does. Later on, you'll deal with him again at the hotel.

When I went through I kept him as God the whole time.  He still does plenty of damage, and even with him as God pretty much all I had to do was make sure the corpses were dismembered so they wouldn't get back up.